Coach groups 2022 tariffs identical to 2021

Petit Train de Limoges: preferential rates for groups (free driver).
Capacity 60 places with PRM.
Reservation by email or phone.
The little train can pick you up from different places in Limoges so that your driver can make his cuts correctly (additional € 10 per position)

Group circuit 5.50 € / pers 1 hour: departure OT -Cathedrale-Place Jourdan-Mairie-Rue de la Boucherie (a must in Limoges) -Les Halles completely redone in 2020 a jewel-Adrien Dubouché Museum-the opera-the station-OT.

Circuit heart of town & edge of Vienna. 10 € / pers departure OT-Hotel de region-Pont Neuf-place de Compostelle-Clos Sainte Marie-rue henri Dumont-Cathédrale-Place Jourdan- Pavillon du verdurier-Hotel de Ville with its magnificent facade -Rue de la Boucherie-Adrien Museum Dubouché-Place Denis Dussoubs-The opera- The magnificent July field- the most beautiful station in France at the end of OT.

Privatization of the little train to discover Limoges with stops on different sites around 2 hours (price contact us)

Download our brochure for groups here.

Contact us: or by phone 06 43 75 65 70 or 06 41 38 84 94.

Suggestions for visits to Limoges and Haute-Vienne for the day or for a stay: contact Haute-Vienne Tourisme 05 55 79 72 45 or